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Wondering if a standby generator in New Jersey is important? Wondering if you need to bother with one? You be the judge:

Backup generators provide safety and peace of mind for NJ residents. Don’t be left in the cold, get signed up for yours today.

Extended power outages have become a normal occurrence in the New Jersey area. In a 14 month period, New Jersey had 3 major storms that left millions without power for weeks.  The increase in unpredictable weather and the aging power grid has made the need for a generator greater then ever.

The real costs of displacement, damage to you home, food loss along with the cost your inconvenience and peace of mind make the purchase of a standby generator a smart investment for the inevitable next big New Jersey storm.

For these reasons, standby generators in NJ are very important.

In Cost vs Value’s 2014 report, homeowners recouped 96% of their standby generator cost back into their home’s equity

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Reliable Energy of NJ serves standby generators in the Northern New Jersey Area. (Essex, Morris, Passaic, Union Somerset, Sussex Warren and Hunterdon Counties) Fully insured and licensed in the State of New Jersey.

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